Mulch Edmonton

Mulch Edmonton
When your landscaping or construction project needs the beautification of bark mulch, Payless Sand and Gravel can deliver exactly what you need, on-time to your project site. Payless is the leading name in the industry in Edmonton and its surrounding locations, with a strong customer base that is constantly growing. Payless provides the high quality materials that their customers have come to expect and rely on.
There are numerous advantages to blanketing soil around trees, shrubs and perennial plants with organic mulch, as it regulates the soil's temperature and makes it more moderate, creating a favourable environment for the growth of roots. Mulch also helps to retain moisture and aids in the conservation of water. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using bark mulch is that it doesn't allow weed seeds to germinate, thereby reducing the amount of maintenance throughout the year. Using bark mulch reduces the spread of disease, which just might save home gardeners a substantial amount of money each year in applying products. Mulch can also give the garden or landscaping project a beautiful, finished look.
There is a major difference between wood and bark mulch that landscapers should be aware of. Any mulch can qualify as bark mulch only if it contains 85% or more bark of that named tree. A mulch, on the other hand, can contain only 70% of the named material, and it can be categorized as either wood or bark. The remaining 15% in the bark mulch can be comprised of wood as well. The primary difference between them is that of lifetime.
Wood mulch breaks down much faster than bark mulch, and is susceptible to insect damage and discolouring. Bark mulch enhances the life and beauty of your garden and is a must-add substance to make your garden visually appealing, yet it is more important than only this visual aspect, as it also gives your plants enhanced life and allows them to absorb the nutrients in the soil.
This difference in the types of mulch is why you need the finest bark mulch available. Payless supplies the highest quality of organic bark mulch in Edmonton. When you call Payless Sand and Gravel at 780-469-0043, you'll be able to speak with one of their experts who is knowledgeable about the type of bark mulch they provide, and can answer all of your questions. You can even request a sample of their mulch so that you can confirm the quality that they claim. Payless knows that when you're considering a bark mulch for your project, you don't want to settle for a less-than-superior product.
The rule of thumb when mulching is to mulch with 3-4 inches of bark mulch each season. You also have to be mindful of mulch build-up, as it might cause nutrient deficiency problems. You can effectively avoid build-up by removing old payers of un-decomposed mulch before adding a new layer.
You can visit the Payless Sand and Gravel website at to learn more about having bark mulch delivered or to get an idea about what other types of construction supplies they provide.
Mulch Edmonton

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