Sand is an extremely important component in construction projects across the globe. Building of skyscrapers, residential buildings, roads etc. cannot be complete without the usage of sand. Sand is used for construction due to its properties of hardness and availability of fine minerals within it. It provides sustainability and strength to the buildings. But, before choosing the right kind of sand for your construction project, you must be aware of different types of sand and their uses.

Let us see what different varieties of sands are available:

  • Pit Sand: It is classified under the category of coarse sand and is procured from deep pits that have abundant supply. It is reddish or orange in color and is used best for concreting purposes. Physically, this sand is sharp, angular and free from salts.
  • River Sand: As the name suggests, river sand is procured from river banks and streams. Unlike pit sand, it is of finer quality and contains minerals. It is usually white or grey in color and has rounded grains. It is widely used for construction purposes and is an amazing plastering agent.
  • Sea/Beach sand: This sand is not appropriate for construction due to the availability of high amounts of salt in it. It also has a tendency of retaining moisture that can bring stickiness to a building. Also, due to the availability of high proportions of chloride ions, this sand acts a corrosive element for steel. Physically, beach sand is river sand and it has been alienated for the construction purposes as it cannot provide durability and strength to buildings and roads.
  • Artificial sand: Artificial sand, as the name suggests, is artificially manufactured by crushing granite and basalt rocks using a 3 phase crushing process. This is a great substitute for river sand when it comes to construction.

All the sands used for construction purpose needs to be clean and free of stones and other impurities. Payless Sand and Gravel offers the finest quality sands used in construction. You can contact us today for getting a free sample.

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