Bark Mulch

The advantages of blanketing soil around trees, shrubs, and perennial plants with organic mulch are huge. The mulch regulates soil temperature and makes it more moderate creating a favourable environment for the growth of roots. It retains the moisture and helps in conserving the water. Mulch does not allow weed seeds to germinate and reduces the spread of diseases. Most importantly, mulch gives the garden a more finished appearance.

Difference between wood and bark mulch

Any mulch can qualify as bark mulch only if it contains 85% or more bark of that named tree. A mulch on the other hand can contain only 70% of the named material, and it can be categorized as either wood or bark. The remaining 15% in the bark mulch can comprise of wood as well. The primary difference between both of them is that of life time. Wood mulch breaks down faster than bark mulch and is susceptible to insect damage and discolouring.
Bark mulch enhances the life and beauty of your garden and is a must add substance to make your garden look pretty and appealing. It is not just important because of the visual appeal perspective of it, but it also gives your plants enhanced life and allows helps them in absorbing the nutrients of the soil.

How to mulch

The rules of thumb with mulching are to mulch with 3 to 4 inches of bark mulch each season.At the same time you must watch out for mulch layer buildup as it might cause nutrient deficiency problems. You can avoid the build up by removing old layers of undecomposed mulch before adding new layers. Shredded bark, which is a coarse textured mulch, can be applied thicker than fine-textured mulches, like cocoa hulls. However, there are variations and exceptions related to the type of plants you’re mulching and your landscape situation also plays an important part in your way of mulching.

Payless Sand and gravel provides the best quality bark mulch for your garden that will make your garden more beautiful and will enhance the life of your trees, herbs and plants. We deal only in the most superior quality bark mulch and guarantee your garden a healthy life.

Mulch Edmonton

Mulch Edmonton

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