Clay fill

We provide high quality clay for filling at wholesale prices

Clay is one of the most recognizable and important material for construction. Clay filling is being used from the prehistoric era and it has been an integral part of construction industry since then. Clay can be used for filling or as a building material in the form of bricks which can either be produced by using fire or can be sun dried.

As a construction material, clay acts as a perfect ingredient for building, additionally clay also boasts of its insulating features and it can save a whole lot of money. Clay is not just the traditional product used in construction rather, the modern technologies and science also indicate the importance of clay in construction. It is used widely because of its sustainability and it can maintain its structure over the years even in the most extreme of the conditions. The normal use of clay is on the projects where highly cohesive soil is required to limit erosion or to limit penetration of water in some areas.

Why choose Payless sand and gravel

At Payless sand and gravel, we mine clay from various locations and with several varieties of consistencies and colors. We only select high quality material so that our customers get the best product at minimal rates, the best part is we offer truck loads of clay at wholesale prices. Payless sand and gravel is one of the most familiar names in the construction in Edmonton area, further associating with us will guarantee you the best construction material which will ensure that your project will get best foundation and ultimate quality and satisfaction.

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