landscaping supplies Edmonton

landscaping supplies Edmonton
Payless Sand and Gravel in Edmonton provides the highest quality landscaping supplies around. Whether your project is relatively small, such as a backyard garden or walkway, or you're working on a large construction job, Payless can supply you with the raw materials you need to get the job done.
Customers have come to expect the highest quality materials from Payless- that's why their client base is constantly growing. Payless Sand and Gravel does not believe in compromising quality. They've been the leading name in the industry of aggregate industrial supply for many years, and it's no wonder.
If your landscaping project requires a diversity of materials, you should know that you can get all of your supplies at Payless Sand and Gravel, including:
- Gravel. Payless offers several popular types of gravel for all of your landscaping and construction needs.
- Industrial Sand. High purity silica sand with controlled sizing for a wide variety of uses.
- Topsoil. Both screened and unscreened to meet every gardener's need.
- Bark Mulch. Only the highest quality of organic bark mulch for your landscape beautification and project needs. Bark mulch provides not only the aspects of visual appeal, but prolongs the life of your trees, herbs and plants.
- Hardscape products, for long-lasting landscaping jobs with a high level of visual enhancement. Hardscape products are very attractive and appealing.
Payless Sand and Gravel's Hardscape products and materials provide versatility and contrast to any landscaping project. Payless supplies many types of hardscape, including:
- Concrete, one of the most durable and common materials for building decorative patios.
- Pavers are brick-like hardscape that comes in many styles, patterns and colours. Their characteristic feature is a clean look that adds function and formality to your garden. Pavers are low maintenance and amazingly durable.
- Flagstone, a fancy term for the general stones used in creating driveways or patios. Flagstones provide a rustic and raw feel with their broken or dimensional shapes.
- Fieldstone, or natural stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Fieldstone provides a natural appeal and beauty to the garden or can be used as a foundation for a water feature, walls or walkways.
If you need landscaping supplies, call the company that will provide the highest quality of products to meet your every need. If you have a custom request, Payless can work with you to get exactly what you need delivered on time to your project site. Call Payless at 780-469-0043 to talk with one of their knowledgeable employees who can answer all of your questions. You can also request samples of Payless sand, gravel or other landscaping supplies so that you can confirm the quality that they claim while making a more informed decision as to the type of product that you need.
At Payless Sand and Gravel, your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed, and you'll always be treated like the valued customer that you are. Why not stop in to their physical base of operation at East of Edmonton, just off highway 216, southbound at the Meridian street exit? They'll be glad to show you around and tell you more accurately what they are all about. You can also visit their website at where you can learn more about what Payless can do for your landscaping project.
landscaping supplies Edmonton

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