landscaping products Edmonton

landscaping products Edmonton
Whether you're a builder, contractor, landscaper or homeowner, when you're looking for landscaping products in the Edmonton area, you want the uncompromising high quality that Payless Sand and Gravel provides year-long.
Payless customers understand why they've been the leader in the industry for so many years. It's their diverse range of materials and unwavering high standards that their customers have come to expect and rely on.
Payless carries many landscaping products for all of your home or work projects including:
- Many types of Sand which have all been cleaned and are free of stones and impurities
- Bark Mulch, which not only enhances the natural beauty of your outdoor garden and yard projects but increases the life of your trees, herbs and plants. Payless deals only in the highest quality of bark mulch to guarantee your garden a healthy life.
- A variety of Hardscape Products, such as concrete, pavers, flagstone and fieldstone. Hardscaping products can really bring a lot of value to your landscaping project, making it more attractive and appealing.
- Several types of Gravel to enhance the beauty of your landscape job, including crushed gravel, pea gravel, rip rap, limestone products, and the ever-popular marble chips which are especially useful in landscaping.
- Topsoil, for all of your backyard garden needs
- and much more.
You may be surprised to learn that a huge number of the buildings in Edmonton owe their existence to the finest quality of raw materials supplied by Payless Sand and Gravel. They believe in offering the best materials to their clients, and their top-most priority is quality, on which they never compromise. Payless has many different types of landscaping products as well, to meet every need in the business, from a small homeowner's weekend project to a large construction job. Payless has the deepest understanding of the industry and the needs of their clients and they always deliver above and beyond their customers' expectations.
When you call Payless at 780-469-0043, you'll be getting in touch with the foremost knowledgeable company in Edmonton- the one that can deliver the highest quality landscaping products for your job. Payless will not waste your time or leave you waiting by the phone for them to call. Payless Sand and Gravel's partner company, Whiterock Ventures provides top-service when it comes to hauling aggregate. With over 60 dump and highway truck units in their fleet, and access to 100 more through business relationships, Whiterock will deliver your materials on time, so that you don't waste a minute waiting for them to arrive.
If you're interested in visiting Payless Sand and Gravel's physical base of operations, you can stop by to see them at East of Edmonton, just off highway 216, southbound at the Meridian street exit, where they'll be glad to show you around and tell you more accurately what they are all about. You can also request samples of Payless landscaping products to confirm the quality that they claim.
Call Payless at 780-469-0043 or stop in to see them for all of your landscaping or construction needs. You'll be glad you did.
landscaping products Edmonton

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