Gravel Edmonton

Gravel Edmonton
If you need to order gravel for your construction project in the Edmonton area, call the company that provides every type of gravel for your individual needs. Whether you're working on the construction of a building, road, asphalt paving or any other job that requires gravel, it's important to understand what your options are- and Payless Sand and Gravel is there to answer all of your questions.
Payless Sand and Gravel offers industrial sand, screened top soil, road sand and gravel for a variety of purposes, including construction, water filtration, road paving and other projects. If you have a custom requirement, Payless can match it and deliver you the finest quality of material to solve that purpose.
Payless sources their gravel from their 3 pits that exist in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, or from their strategic partnerships with gravel suppliers throughout Western Canada. You won't have to worry about compromising quality when you buy gravel from Payless. The gravel supplied by them is high on quality and sufficient to fulfill a diverse range of needs because their customer's needs are diverse.
When you call Payless Sand and Gravel at 780-469-0043, you'll speak with one of their knowledgeable employees who can answer all of your questions and let you know what they can do for your construction project. Payless won't waste your time or money, because they know your time is valuable. That's why Payless has a growing customer base in Edmonton who come back to them time after time. Their customers know that Payless will deliver the highest quality gravel in the industry.
When you make the call to Payless or visit their website at, you'll understand why they're the leading name in the industry of aggregate industrial supply in Edmonton. Payless Sand and Gravel offers four main types of gravel for all of your construction needs, including:
- Crushed Gravel, which comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. This type if aggregate gravel is crushed repeatedly, screened to size and then washed to ensure that it is free of dust and other residue. Crushed gravel is used mainly in the construction of driveways, residential and commercial drainage systems, paths and walkways and in concrete.
- Pea Gravel, the most important form of gravel for construction projects. Pea gravel stones are smooth and round and are available in a variety of colors, used mainly in the construction of loose fill driveways or paths and attractive patios, as well as playground surfaces in schools and parks.
- White marble Chips are also considered a type of gravel when available in smaller size fragments. Because of its beautiful look and feel, marble chips are extremely popular, and commonly used in flower beds, gardens and as surfacing materials for walkways and paths.
- Rip Rap, shot rock, rock armour or rubble is a rock often used to armour shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings, and other shoreline structures from scour and water or ice-erosion.
- Limestone products: sedimentary rock composed largely of calcite and aragonite.
When you contact Payless Sand and Gravel and let them know your project requirements, they can send you a sample of the different types of gravel that they source so that you can check on the quality of their product and make a more informed decision.
Gravel Edmonton

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